Improving the subscription model for brands and subscribers.

The Collaborative Loyalty + Marketing Solution for Your Subscription Service.

SubSuite™ is a game-changing platform where brands can improve marketing and acquisitions, boost loyalty and retentionlower CAC, analyze priceless data + more.


SubSuite™ is loved by subscription brands of ALL types

Any subscription service provider can join.

Offer loyalty rewards via your white labeled SubSuite rewards page.

Your subscribers get exclusive deals on other awesome subscription services and mange all of their subscriptions in one place.

Subscription Loyalty Rewards

Your subscribers get access to exclusive pricing on other top subscription services. Brands offer special prices based on how much each person is spending on other services.

Subscription Management

They can also buy, manage and access all their subscriptions in one place!


With subscription savings and management tied directly to your brand, subscribers have no reason to leave and every reason to stay.

Sell your subscriptions on the rewards pages of other brands.

Sell your existing subscriptions at customized prices to consumers based on how much they already spend on other services. Offers appear to consumers on the SubSuite rewards pages of other awesome subscription brands.

Reach Millions

Pay nothing to reach millions of conusmers already spending $ on other digital subscriptions.

Hyper Targeted Marketing

Offer the right price to the right consumer every time. Never undersell or miss a revenue opportunity again.

Seamless Integration

Integrate simply and easily with coupon codes or more intricately with our API's.

SubSuite™ is positioned to revolutionize the subscription service industry, here's why

SubSuite™ is not just another loyalty rewards marketing platform - it's the first of its kind.
With its innovative, disruptive, and collaborative features, SubSuite™ is revolutionizing the subscription service industry - one sub at a time.

Customizable Offers

Customize subscription prices for consumers based on how much they already spend on other services.

Collaborative Rewards

Your subscribers can buy, manage, and save on all of their digital subscriptions in one place.

Lower Cost of Acquisition

No upfront cost, low fixed rate cost on subscriptions sold. Best of all, avoid App Store fees.

Priceless Data

Use first party analytics to improve your product features, marketing, pricing and competitive edge.

Competitive Edge

Offer your subscribers more than the competition with personalized deals on other premium subscriptions.

Maximimum Profitability

Consistent and reduced acquisition costs plus increased retention rates equals higher profitability.

How SubSuite™ Works - Just 3 Easy Steps

Get your SubSuite™ rewards page and SubSuite™ subscriptions up and running in minutes. 
No, really. 
  • Create Your Brand Account

    Customize your own white labeled SubSuite™ rewards page with your own branded elements.


    STEP 1
  • Publish your SubSuite™ Subscriptions

    Create and publish targeted marketing plans that appear to pre-qualified consumers on the SubSuite™ rewards pages of other subscription brands.


    STEP 2
  • Publish your SubSuite™ Rewards Page

    Provide your rewards link to your subscribers in your app, website, and newsletters and elsewhere for an instant value added benefit to your customers.


    STEP 3

That's it!

From there, our algorithms will promote your published plans to pre-qualified and highly valuable consumers!

Our SubSuite™ team will help you promote your SubSuite™ loyalty page to your subscribers.

Simple, pay for performance pricing

Beta partners pay nothing upfront and lock in our lowest rev share rates for life.


The Basics$59 / Month
  • Up to 25% Revenue Share
  • Publish Up to 2 Promotional Plans
  • Max 2 Audience Segmentations
  • White Labeled Rewards Page
  • Basic Data Analytics

Beta Partner

First Mover Advantage$0 / Month
  • Max 15% Revenue Share
  • Unlimited Promotional Plan Publishing
  • Unlimited Audience Segmentation
  • White Labeled Rewards Page
  • Free Top Shelf Data Analytics
  • Free promotions and brand placements


Fantastic Value$199 / Month
  • Max 20% Revenue Share
  • Publish Up to 5 Promotional Plans
  • Max 5 Audience Segmentations
  • White Labeled Rewards Page
  • Premium Data Analytics

SubSuite is in Beta

We're currently onboarding select subscription brands to join us as Beta partners before we officially launch. To apply for Beta Partner status simply fill out a form and set a demo. Any brand with 10k+ subscribers is welcome to apply.


Launch Targets

We'll be launching with tons of top tier brands and millions of eager consumers ready to go.
Target LTV
Target CAC

Launch countdown

We're onboarding top subscription brands right now! The clock is ticking to lock in Beta Partner status...

Join now to get HUGE incentives.

Get free access for life, our lowest rev share rates & 2 years worth of special brand promotions! Most importantly, get a jump on retaining all your subscribers.

Use Cases

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? SubSuite is all upside - for you and your subscribers.
What are SubSuite™ loyalty plans?

Customized pricing and terms for your subscriptions sold exclusively through SubSuite™. You can create as many promotional plans as you like.